Muslim Complains About Bacon Sign; Restaurant Removes Citing Safety Concerns

I have wondered this aloud more than once… Since when can people from another country, another culture, go to another country, complain that they are offended of the ways of the Country, they are not native to, and expect the whole country, county, city, state, to change for them? This is total bullshit. Let’s go over to China and tell them, that we are offended by communism.
I remember a few years ago, one of the big department stores had persons of religious faith, other than Christian, complain that the Nativity Scene was offensive to them. That store removed the nativity scene. Do what?
Then, Super Target in Stone Mountain, GA, at Christmas on year, tell the Salvation Army that they were not welcome at the Super Target. Damn it! I have never gone to another Super Target again.
I don’t know anyone who would go to a Muslim country and complain about their ways. What makes them come here, complain about our ways, and who the hell would think about changing for anyone? Bullshit, total bullshit.
The Europeans came, wiped out almost every Native American, those not wiped out, were shipped off to reservations. If the reservation was found to have oil on it, the land was taken, and they were shipped off to someplace else. The acts of intolerance, were severe. The Native American was not allowed to speak in their native tongues, were not allowed to practice religion the way they always had. Every treaty ever made with the native americans, was violated by the white european settlers. And then, they have the audacity to have “Thanksgiving” holiday. I find that offensive, do I bitch, and expect the country to change for me? Hell No!
If you find eating pork offensive, go to a different restaurant, that fits your culture. Don’t cram your culture down my throat, and expect me to ignore my heritage, and culture for you, because you find it offensive.
Why can we not stop the hate, and everyone get along, before we all end up in FEMA camps, because we can’t get along well enough to see the big picture before us?

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By Jennifer Burke

The American breakfast favorite is under attack in Vermont. After a Muslim woman complained in a community forum about a sign within her city with a picture of bacon, the restaurant who posted the sign removed it out of ‘respect for diversity’ and ‘concerns for safety.’

Breitbart reports that Sneakers Bistro, a restaurant located in Winooski, Vermont, placed an advertising sign in an area where local businesses were allowed to advertise in exchange for helping to maintain city flowerbeds. As a restaurant known for its breakfast, they posted a sign that pictured bacon along with the saying “Sneakers Yields Bacon.”

A woman, who identified herself as Muslim, posted in a community forum that she was personally offended by the sign. The unidentified woman said the sign was “insensitive to those who do not consume pork.”

After it was brought to their attention, the owners of Sneakers Bistro…

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